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About the room

All rooms are dormitory dormitory style in Nippori Backpackers.
Personal space is a bit bigger than a size of bed but has walls to separate the area. There are kitchen, shower, internet, washer, dryer, and so on. You can move in only with your suit case and start life! Living room is a cozy space where guests gather and chat, watch TV, or use PC. It is attached to the kitchen so you can cook and eat there.

All rooms are dormitory.

Curtain at the each bed keeps privacy.

Female only dormitory

There is a female only dormitory.
Living room, kitchen, and other facilities are unisex.

Regular size bed

The personal area is the size of the single bed plus a little extra space.

Bigger size bed

It is 30 cm more as wide as the regular size bed.
Suitable for those who have a lot of stuff.


Spacious kitchen

There are refrigerator, microwave, basic utensils, dishes, etc. in the kitchen.

Spacious living room

There are low table and counter in the living room. You can relax.

TV corner

You can watch TV, DVD or play game in the living room.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available. There is a common PC in the living room as well.


There is a bookshelf with some books. Enjoy reading.


If you would like to use a locker to keep your valuables, it is available with some fee.


There are 5 restroom including one female only.


There are 4 shower stalls. ¥100 / 15 min.


There are 4 washing machines and 4 driyers. ¥100 / time for washing machine, ¥100 / 20 min. for dryer.

Bright hallway

There are some tables at the hallway as well.

Common tables

These tables are in the bright area and suitable for reading. Please keep quiet since it is right by the dormitory.

Work space

There is a wowrk space for studying and working.

There is a nice 'Sento', the public bath, nearby.

You can go to the public bath if you want to soak into a bath tub. In Nippori backpackers, there is no bath tub.

Nippori Saito-yo

In walking distance, there is Saito-yu. Newly renovated in April 2015. There are 5 different kinds of bath tub. Carbonated bath or open-air bath are available. You can have a beer after bath.

6-59-2 Higashi-Nippori Arakawa-ku 116-0014
Open: 14:00 - 23:30 (Closed on Friday)