Map around Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse

Description of Map around Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse

Introduction of Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse Area

This area used to be called "Higurashi no sato" meaning you never get bored if you spend a day in this area since mid Edo era. The Chinese characters which would correspond to "Higurashi no sato" are the same as those of Nippori. In Meiji era, the area was officially named Nippori because of that.

Nippori station is connected to JR, Keisei, Nippori Toneri liner, and in 2010, Narita Sky Access which connects to Narita only for 36 min. It is conveniently accessed not only by downtown Tokyo but also by world. It has been modernized by redevelopment but still has the good old scinery such as Yanaka shopping street, Nippori fabric town, and so on once you get off the train.

1 minute from Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse, 4 different lines are available.

There are 4 branch offices of Arakawa, one exists in Nippori area, We provide following services. Nearest branch office from Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse is Arakawa City Nippori Branch Office and Arakawa City Machiya Branch Office.

Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse is close not only to Arakawa library but also to Bunkyo library. Both require some documents which proves your residence to become a member. You can reserve a book and request a place to pick up a book on line.

There is a Koban in front of both Nippri and Nishi-Nippori station. There is no phone number at those Koban. You can call 03-3801-0110 if you need any help.

Both north side and south side of Nippori staion has unique feature, such as Nippori fabric street, the biggest fabric market in Tokyo, at north of the station, and the nostalgic old town area called 'Yanesen' at south of the station.

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Special offer for first month!
27,000yen / month(30 days) including utilities
Regular price
36,000yen / month(30 days) including utilities
10,000yen (will be paid back after deducting 5000yen maintenace fee when you move out)

Rent for Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse

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Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse is a dormitory style guesthouse. Personal space is a bit bigger than a size of bed but has walls to separate the area. There are kitchen, shower, internet, washer, dryer, and so on. You can move in only with your suit case and start life!

Facilities of Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse

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One minutes from Nishinippori station of JR Yamanote line, JR Keihin Tohoku line, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line Three minutes from Nishinippori station of Nippori Toneri liner. Five minutes from Nippori station of JR Yamanote line, Keisei Nippori line.

Access to Nippori Backpackers Guesthouse

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Please make a reservation using reservation form. We will get back to you with details after receiving the reservation form from you. We are monthly guesthouse. We don't accept a reservation less than a month. We will charge you at least first month rent even if you are staying less than a month. After the first month, it is possible to pay by the day. We recommend you to make a reservation in advance.


What kind of room? Is there internet access? Can I cook at the guesthouse? How about location? Check out the Frequently Asked Question.

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