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There are a lot to see around Nippori!

Both north side and south side of Nippori staion has unique feature, such as Nippori fabric street, the biggest fabric market in Tokyo, at north of the station, and the nostalgic old town area called 'Yanesen' at south of the station.

■ Nippori Fabric Town
Nippori fabric street consists of 90 shops and is the biggest fabric market in Tokyo. They carry not only fabric materials but also clothes and accessories. You find things 50% to 80% sales. They have big sale every quarter a year.
■ Yanesen Tourist Information
Yanesen (Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi) tourist information center has useful information not only for those three areas but also other information such as supporting traditional culture experience, introducing volunteer tourist guide nation wide, Japanese language school, and so on.
■ Yanaka Ginza
Consisting of 70 shops,175m long Yanaka Ginza shopping street is located in Yanaka and has a very nostalgic atmosphere. How about a little shopping as you wonder around the area?
■ Yuyake Dandan
A short steps in between JR Nippori station and Yanaka Ginza is called Yuyake dandan. Many stray cats called "Yanaka cats" are inhabiting in this area, asking tourist for food, and basking in the sun.
■ Asakura Museum of Sculpture
Asakura sculpture museum used to be an atelier of Fumio Asakura, the sculptor during Meiji and Showa era. The unique building, compromise between Japanese and Western style, was reformed and now exhibits lots of his works and collections.
■ Tokyo Metropolitan Yanaka Cemetery
There are grave stone of famouse people such as Kaburaki Kiyotaka, Sasaki Nobutsuna, Shibusawa Eiichi, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, Nicholas of Japan, Asakura Fumio, Hasegawa Kazuo, Hatoyama Ichiro, Yokoyama Taikan and so on. It is known as one of the popular cherry blossom sight. There is a 5-story-pagoda which was a model of an old novel by Rohan Koda.
Cat in Nippori


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Yanesen Tourist Information

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